A new event has appeared in the game - SEASONS!

Seasons combine a chain of weekly tournaments.

By taking part in the event, you can receive a special frame to decorate your avatar 🖼 Now you can collect not only stamps, but also frames 🔥

Every season (winter/spring/summer/autumn) you will have the opportunity to get a new frame and during the same season it can be improved 🔝

How to get the season frame:

You need to participate in tournaments and earn silver coins, with the help of which improvement will occur.

How to get currency to upgrade the frame:

  • You need to be among the first 66 participants in the standings at the end of the tournament.
  • Upon completion of the tournament, you will receive not only gold, but also silver coins to improve your frame.
  • The higher the place you take, the more coins you will receive.


At the end of each season, your profile will have a frame in the form to which you were able to upgrade it, and all silver coins accumulated and not used in the current season will disappear.

Useful information on the "Seasons" event:

  • For each subsequent frame improvement, you will need more silver coins than required for the previous improvement.
  • In order to collect silver coins at the end of the tournament, you need to go to the tournament icon and collect your reward manually.
  • The duration of the "Seasons" event can be seen in the game in the news section.