If you made a payment in the game and found that the accrual did not occur, then:

  1. Check your internet connection. The accrual may not have been completed due to interruptions in the Internet.
  2. If the connection is interrupted during and immediately after making a payment, then reboot your device and re-enter the game. Check the accrual.
  3. If the game stops working on its own during payment, reboot the device and check the accrual of the purchase.

If the purchase still has not been credited, then write to us by clicking on the appropriate button at the very bottom of the article.

❗ In your message, be sure to provide us with additional information about your purchase:

  • The exact number of items purchased (coins, hints).
  • Approximate time of payment.
  • Be sure to attach a screenshot of the receipt. Usually it is immediately sent to you by email from the account from which the payment was made. Sometimes you need to wait a little. Without a receipt, we can help you, since it indicates the information necessary to resolve the issue (date of purchase, name of the set, price, and transaction number)

You can read more about payment history here: